The Reider Organ...

2022 marks the 5th anniversary of the Reider Organ. It was designed and built by the Allen Organ Company, Macungie PA. Installation was completed in May 2017, and the instrument dedicated in August 2017. The movable custom walnut console is located in the Chancel.

Saint John's_edited_edited.png
Reider Organ Console
2 Manuals - 52 Stops


      32  Contra Violone
       16  Diapason
       16  Bourdon
       16  Lieblich Gedeckt (SW)
       16  Violone
        8  Octave
        8  Flute
        4  Choralbass
            Mixture IV
     32  Contra Posaune
      16  Posaune
      16  Waldhorn (SW)
       8  Trompete
       4  Clarion
           Genisys Voice 1
           Genisys Voice 2


      16  Lieblich Gedeckt
       8  Gedeckt
       8  Viola Pomposa
       8  Flute Celeste II
       8  Viola Celeste
       4  Octave Geigen
       4  Traverse Flute
2-2/3  Nazard
       2  Piccolo
1-3/5  Tierce
           Fourniture IV
      16  Waldhorn
       8  Festival Trumpet (non coupling)
       8  French Trumpet
       8  Oboe
     16  Swell
          Swell Unison Off
      4  Swell
          Genisys Voice 3
          Genisys Voice 4


     16  Violone
      8  Diapason
      8  Harmonic Flute
      8  Viola Pomposa (SW)
      8  Flute Celeste II (SW)
      4  Octave
      4  Spitzflöte
      2  Fifteenth
          Mixture IV
          Cymbale III
      8  Festival Trumpet
(non coupling)
      8  Tromba
      8  Krummhorn
          Celesta (SW)
          Genisys Voice 5
          Genisys Voice 6
          Melody On Great
          Bass On Great


      8  Great to Pedal
      8  Swell to Pedal
      4  Swell to Pedal
     16  Swell to Great
      8  Swell to Great
      4  Swell to Great

          MIDI on Pedal

          MIDI on Swell

          MIDI on Great


          Zimbelstern (reversible toe stud)

          Tremulants Full
          Alternate Tuning
          Swell to Antiphonal
          Swell Mains Off
          Great-Pedal to Antiphonal
          Great-Pedal Mains Off

Chancel Instruments

Antiphonal facades above the rear balcony


  • Moveable walnut console with cathedral side overlays

  • LED-lighted, acrylic music rack

  • White rocker tab couplers with MIDI in black

  • Black drawknobs with white faces, reeds engraved in red

  • Tiger Maple divider strips and rocker tab moldings

  • S-style keycheeks

  • Premium keyboards with red felts above manuals

  • White pistons, chrome toe studs

  • Pedalboard with ebony sharps, maple naturals

  • Antiphonal Division

  • Tutti I, Tutti II, Programable Crescendo A/B Pistons

  • Great/pedal, swell, crescendo shoes with LED status display

  • GeniSys™ Control - includes USB interface, Hymn-Player™, Sequencer, Performance-Player™, Digitally-sampled GeniSys™ voices. 

  • 12-Key Transposer

  • Piston Sequencer

  • Recall piston

  • 40 Level Capture Memory