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Saint John's is an active community of faith. We enjoy many opportunities to spend time together experiencing God's grace, serving our community, and having fun! 

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Tim Directing
Trick Or Treat Night
Window Restoration
Clothing Corner Giveaway
Clothing Corner Giveaway
Narthex 2
Mission Team
Basket Raffle
Music Room
Combined Worship & Picnic
Combined Worship & Picniccnic 2
Combined Worship & Picnic
Combined Worship & Picnic
New Front Doors 2
New Front Doors 5
New Front Doors 6
Mission Room Renovation 1
Mission Room Renovation 2
Mission Room Renovation 4
Mission Room Renovation 5
Cressona Band Concert 1
Pastor Kevin Welcome
Cressona Band Concert 2
Cressona Band Concert 3
Joyful Ringers
Chancel Singers
Jill Sonday, Pianist
Tim Gipe, Director
Deb Hoy, Organist
Spring Clothing Giveaway 1
Spring Clothing Giveaway 2
Spring Clothing Giveaway 3
Window Restoration 1
Window Restoration 2
Window Restoration 3
Easter Altar
Easter Congregation 1
Easter Congregation 2
Communion Elements
Good Friday
Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday Communion
Palm Sunday Chancel
Palm Sunday Brunch 1
Palm Sunday Brunch 2
"God So Loved" Cantata 1
"God So Loved" Cantata 2
Baptism 1
Baptism 3
"Souper Bowl" Sunday 1
"Souper Bowl" Sunday 2
Poinsettias In Sanctuary
Flute & Violin
Nativity Window
Kids Message
Debra Perkins Organist
Jill, Tim, Deb
Recital Social
Organ Piano Duet
Jill & Marian
Trick or Treat Night
Winter Clothing Giveaway 1
Winter Clothing Giveaway 2
Basket Raffle 1
Basket Raffle 3
Basket Raffle 4
Basket Raffle 5
Service of Installation 1
Service of Installation 2
Combined Bell Choirs
Combined Choirs
Ann Rich, Shared Ministry
Service of Installation
Installation Brunch 1
Installation Brunch 2
Installation Brunch 3
Church Corner
Outdoor Worship 1
Outdoor Worship 2
Outdoor Worship 4
Kitchen Clean Up 1
Kitchen Clean Up 2
Sarah Kramer
Christmas July
Gutter Repairs
Church Yardsale 1
Church Yardsale 2
Ann & Lisa
Jim, Sandy, Lisa
Laura & Ryan
Shirley, Brenda, Alicia
Tina & Jensen
Easter Altar
Easter Worship
Spring Clothing Giveaway
Good Friday Altar
Good Friday Cross
Coffee & Conversation
Lenten Cross
SPCA Donations
2022 Consistory
Candlelight Service
Christmas Altar
Christmas Sanctuary
Christmas Caroling 1
Christmas Caroling 2
Christmas Decorating 1
Christmas Decorating 2
Christmas Decorating 3
Children Window
Trick Or Treat Night 1
Trick Or Treat Night 2
Trick Or Treat Night 3
Winter Clothing Giveaway 2
Gift & Basket Raffle 2
Gift & Basket Raffle 3
Gift & Basket Raffle 4
New Utility Closet
Outdoor Worship 1
Outdoor Worship 2
Outdoor Worship 3
Outdoor Worship 4
Refurbished Handbells
Chapel Renovation 1
Chapel Renovation 2
Chapel Renovation 3
Rear Hall Repainting
Christmas In July 2
Chapel Renovations 6
Altar Wall 2
Altar Wall 1
Flooring & Partition
Partition Removal
Narthex Renovations
Hall Painting
Church Yardsale 1
Church Yardsale 2
Spring Clothing Giveaway 1
Spring Clothing Giveaway 2
Conference Room Renovations 2
Office Painting
New LED Lighting
Christmas Chancel
Holy Communion
Baptismal Font
Winter Clothing Giveaway 1
Borough Day
Confirmation Class 2020
Music Sunday
Music Sunday Social 1
Graduate Sunday
Jim & Ann
Philippines Collection Distribution
Philippines Collection Distribution
Philippines Collection Distribution
Chancel Choir
Candlelight & Communion
Bethlehem's Child
Advent Luncheon 1
First Responders Service 1
First Responders Service 2
First Responders Service 4
Philippine Relief Shipment
Youth Sunday
Palm Sunday Brunch 2
Christmas Eve 2017
Deck The Halls
Holiday Shopping Spree
Chancel Chair Dedication 1
Chancel Chair Dedication 2
Reider Organ Dedication 1
Reider Organ Dedication 2
Reider Organ Dedication 3
Reider Family
Lisa & Sandy
Organ Recital Reception
New Holland Church Furniture 3
Loser's Music, Lititz
Philippines Dance Group 1
Philippines Dance Group 2
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