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The Consistory is the elected governing body of the church and includes the Pastor, 4 Elders, 4 Deacons, and a Youth Representative. Each is elected to their position by the members of the congregation at the annual meeting held in November.

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Saint John's Church is a partner church in a shared ministry covenant with Saint Mark's Church, Cressona and Rev. Kevin Fruchtl, who serves as Pastor of both independent congregations. The Shared Ministry Council, made up of members from both churches, oversees and administers this covenantal relationship.

2023 Consistory


Rev. Kevin Fruchtl


Susan Gipe, Timothy Gipe,

Mark Revenis, Sherry Stump


Jennifer Honicker, Rick Kleckner, 

Roberta Mengle, Kim Umphrey

Youth Representative

Anna Schaeffer

2023 Delegates

Shared Ministry Council

Scott Jacoby, Tina Luckenbill, Mark Revenis, Ann Rich

Pennsylvania Southeast Conference

Karen Toback, Vacant

Schuylkill Association

Susan Gipe, Winnie Reed

Schuylkill Haven Council of Churches

Micki Casey, Sandy Kachmar

Raised With Christ Committee

Jessica Handwerk, Lisa Revenis, Sherry Stump


January, 2023

And the one who was seated on the throne said,

“See, I am making all things new.” Also he said,

“Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

 ~ Revelation 21: 5

All things new. We can hope. As we journey into the new year, we trust that God’s words are trustworthy and true. We can hope for God’s spirit of renewal to blow through our lives and our world. Because this world definitely needs some freshening up!

We trust that God’s words are true. Let us add our energy and efforts into the holy process of making things new. We know that the world is changing and not always for the better. We can’t stop all the change. We can decide that our church will grow in spirit and in effort so that people will have the opportunity to hear the old, old story in a rapidly changing world.

This will not be an easy year. We face economic struggles and our world continues to be believe that violence is the only way to solve problems.  

May we be the voice of calm. May we be the ones who help the world to live differently. May we believe, may we believe that God is “doing a new thing” and that we can work with the Creator to renew this world.

God’s words are trustworthy and true. As we enter a new year, may it be so.


Pastor Kevin

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