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The Consistory is the elected governing body of the church and includes the Pastor, 4 Elders, 4 Deacons, and a Youth Representative. Each is elected to their position by the members of the congregation at the annual meeting held each November.

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Saint John's Church is a partner church in a shared ministry covenant with Saint Mark's UCC, Cressona. Rev. Kevin Fruchtl who serves as Pastor of both independent congregations. The Shared Ministry Council made up of members from both churches oversees and administers the covenantal relationship.

2022 Consistory


Rev. Kevin Fruchtl


Susan Gipe, Timothy Gipe, Mark Revenis, Sherry Stump


Jennifer Honicker, Rick Kleckner, 

Roberta Mengle, Kim Umphrey

Youth Representative

Anna Schaeffer

2022 Delegates

Pennsylvania Southeast Conference

Lisa Revenis, Karen Toback

Schuylkill Association

Susan Gipe, Winnie Reed

Schuylkill Haven Council of Churches

Micki Casey, Sandy Kachmar

Raised With Christ Committee

Jessica Handwerk, Lisa Revenis, Sherry Stump

A NOTE FROM Pastor Kevin

January 2022

From the Pastor,

When we celebrate the New Year, we usually talk about "out with the old and in with the new..." It would be so nice to say that this phrase applied for 2022, but I am not sure that it does. We keep waiting for the chance to say that this year will be different, or better, and yet we are still struggling with this pandemic, which is not over no matter how much we wish it to be. The levels of uncertainty as we journey into the coming year are off the charts!

This uncertainty affects our personal lives and it affects our church life. It has been almost two years now that St. John's has been making difficult decisions that must balance the vibrancy of the congregation with the safety of people who are in our care.

I have said this several times already and I will say it again - as your pastor I will work with the church leadership to make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time that we have it. There is not a "best answer" for this pandemic. the decisions evolve as the situation evolves. 

Your faithfulness has been extraordinary! We are strong together as a congregation and with our new partners in ministry at St. Mark's. We are figuring out how to be the church and how to serve God's people under unimaginable circumstances. We know that we have to stay stubborn and faithful, and persistent as we tell the old, old story in a very different context. 

My only New Year's resolution this year is actually very old. It is to love God with the fullness of my being. It is to love my neighbor and my congregation(s). And it is to love myself, as I am fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God.

May God continue to bless us as we navigate our uncharted future with HOPE!

Pastor Kevin